MSBA’s “40-Hr. Basic Mediation Training” Course

I completed the MSBA’s “40-Hr. Basic Mediation Training” course in October, 2013. This intensive, 40 hour class provided participants with a valuable understanding of the theory and practice of mediation and, along with role-playing exercises and mock mediation sessions, allowed them to “peek behind the curtain,” and gain real insight on the innumerable mediation sessions we have attended as counsel.

Despite my participation in hundreds of mediations in my practice over the years, completion of this class better prepared me to assist other counsel and their clients in private mediation, and at the same time prepared me to represent my own clients better when representing them. As with our other work, Fizer❖LLC approaches mediation differently from most, and provides a better experience and outcome. We use pre-mediation conferences to reveal stumbling blocks to resolution, and prepare in-depth for a productive mediation session. As always, we adhere to the highest ethics, maintaining confidentiality among the participants and beyond, as well as impartiality in our approach so that every participant is satisfied with the outcome.

Mediation often represents the last, best hope for the parties to decide their own fate, and we are willing to invest the time and effort necessary to afford the parties their best opportunity for resolution. Mediation can be scheduled to accommodate any schedule, in any location, and, in most cases, can be held on short notice. For our colleagues that view mediation as a helpful tool in the timely, efficient and cost-effective resolution of disputes, we are happy to offer our services. For individuals and companies without current representation, we can guide the parties through the process of a negotiated resolution, making sure that they not only are informed, but also are comfortable with the outcome.