Back-To-Back Verdicts

In Prince George’s County Circuit Court, Tim obtained jury verdicts for two of his clients in the last two weeks. In the first, his client was a passenger in a parked car struck by a bus, who suffered compression fractures and herniated discs in his mid- and low back. Liability was conceded. The client had a little more than $22,000 in medical bills, and no lost wages. In less than two hours, the jury returned a verdict in favor of Tim’s client for $222,350.00. The following week, in another jury trial in Prince George’s County Circuit Court, Tim’s client was driving a Ford F-150 pickup truck rear-ended by a Honda Civic. Again, liability was conceded, as the defendant was distracted from his driving by a text message on his phone. The plaintiff sustained disc herniations in his neck, but the defense argued that the plaintiff’s injuries stemmed from an accident more than 12 years before. With less than $9,000 in health care expenses, and no lost wage claim, the jury again took about two hours to return a verdict for $133,700.00.